75 Best Notion Template Ideas for 2023

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Take the guessing out of picking the next Notion Template to create.

Get a system for storing and prioritising your Notion product ideas. It comes with 75 ideas.

Who is it for?

For existing and aspiring Notion creators wanting to get systematic about releasing new products (like templates).

It can feel daunting when you're overwhelmed with too many ideas. Often all you need is a hint on which project to start working on - Notion Product Ideas Hub will do just that.

Adding a new idea

Whenever you have a new Notion Product idea:

  1. Tap on the "+ New idea" button
  2. Select values in all of the fields required for score calculations
  3. Watch the magic happen - score for the idea will be calculated automatically 🪄

Score calculations

Notion Product Ideas Hub calculates the scores for your ideas automatically based on the Idea Evaluation Matrix concept. The only thing that you need to do is rating each idea against these 5 criteria:

  • Effort
  • Audience size
  • Timing importance
  • Product price
  • Part of something bigger (potential)

The algorithm treats some of these metrics as more important than others for a specific type of a product. For example: if you want to create a good growth product, you will want an idea which has a big Audience size, while ideally requiring small Effort.

If you believe that you can make the algorithm smarter - you can easily tweak the parameters of the calculation. For example you can reduce the importance of idea's Effort for paid products.

Selecting the idea to work on

After you've collected a few ideas, you can pick the next idea to work on based on the scores calculated by the system.

You have a few options to do it best:

  • Use the Top for growth view: on the top of this list you'll find the ideas suited best for a growth product. Typically it'll be a product with a high Audience size and small to medium effort
  • Use the Top for income view: here the best ideas will be the ones with the highest potential for income. For example it's affected substantially by the Timing importance property
  • Custom views: this system is built in a way which allows you to easily create views tailored for your use case, for example a view showing only ideas with Can not wait timing

Can I use this system for other ideas?

Yes! The Idea Evaluation Matrix can be used to rate any ideas, you can easily tweak this template to do just that.


By purchasing this product you get a license for 1 person. Please do not send this template to third parties.

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75 Best Notion Template Ideas for 2023

3 ratings
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